Written out

Dojo doodles. These are all little digital sketches/thoughts/ideas I whip up in the lobby of the dojo while Levi is at Karate class. It’s turning into a sacred hour where I just focus, sketch, and brainstorm (without thinking much though) and see what comes up.  It’s a very much-needed endeavor.  And I swear in this season I’m in, it’s the little bits of time here and there like this that keep my mind, creativity, and well… this whole thing, going, really.

I’d say apologies for the messy writing, but I’ve finally learned to love it.

I gotta do a big compilation of all of these someday. Preferably in some sort of book.

Adding it to the list…

More posts like this aqui. I make these all using the Procreate app on a little-used iPad pro with a cracked screen that I bought on ebay.


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