A long overdue chat about skincare

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about skincare on here. This is ironic, because it’s one of my favorite topics, and something I’ve always been trying to figure out or work on. I also love singing praises to products when they work.

So, here’s an update: I’ve simplified my routine, a ton. Like, I checked and my entire regimen can fit on one shelf in my medicine cabinet. I also have switched my focus mainly on hydrating and soothing, instead of trying to constantly scrub or peel off every bad decision I’ve ever made. Well, at 41 it’s honestly looking and feeling better than ever (my husband just confirmed this). Except for my chest and neck, a region that’s playing catch up, or might be a lost cause. Oh well.

So here’s the current lineup 

*I should note that I’ve purchased all of these products on my own. A few I’ve refilled multiple times, and a few are due for their first refills. This might also explain why I don’t feel any pressure to talk about skincare as much. It’s honestly quite refreshing.


1: Cleanser: I use Cocokind oil to milk cleanser. I don’t know exactly what it is about it, but it cleans, hydrates, and does the job. I’m honestly not huge on cleansers, or that picky, it just has to not strip my skin, must hydrate, but also clean it, which most oil-based ones do. Also, love how you can just pick it up at target.

* Fact: I skip washing my face in the morning quite frequently too, and will just splash on some water or spray some toner. I mean, I slather on all this good stuff at night, sometimes it feels weird washing it all off when all I did was sleep.

2: Toner: My mom gave me a can of Avene Eau thermal, thermal water spray this summer when I was visiting, and I have yet to go a single day without using it (Get a travel size can and thank me later). It’s unbelievably soothing and my skin soaks it up like a sponge. It also eliminates hair frizz and brings out some natural beach waves I didn’t know I had. But, who knew a can of spray miracle water could be so great. Well, it is.

This is the first Avene product I’ve tried, but I look forward to trying some of their other products.  Maaaaaaybe even their retinol. (I can’t handle retinol, but I know I need to find one. Or at least every skin expert says so.)

Thanks, mom, for getting me hooked. *My mom uses only their products now, and her skin looks better than it did when she was using all La Mer.

Crap, this is turning into a book.

Ok time to sing praises to May. May Lindstrom that is.

There isn’t a single product I’ve tried out of her handmade luscious concoctions that my skin hasn’t eaten up and hugged me for trying, and therefore I recommend. And whenever I get one of her newsletters, it feels like it’s from a long-lost friend reminding me to slow down and realize how relaxing taking care of your skin can be.

But, if I had to narrow it down to two products of hers, it’s these two:

3: The Blue Cocoon This oh so lovely blue balm manages to soothe and hydrate my face for an entire day, and all I use is a pea-size dose massaged onto wet skin. Any sensitivity and red bumps I used to have in my nose/mouth region (especially during the winter) are gone, Hallelujah. It’s also my eye cream and my last jar lasted me almost 6 months. So, the price is easily justified.

4: The Youth Dew – If I ever find a better face oil/serum to mix it with that could perhaps save me some moolah, I will. But so far nothing beats The Youth Dew and the dew/glowy skin this skin vitamin cocktail somehow manages to produce with its 21 different oils.

So my daily skincare is this: wash, don’t dry my face, then massage in the Blue Cocoon and Youth dew (I mix them together) for a minute, and spray with miracle water spray.

5: Exfoliate – About two times a week I’ll exfoliate my face, neck, and chest (white taking a shower) with The Clean Dirt (Another one of May’s concoctions). Ohhh that bi-weekly-gentle scrub feels so satisfying.

What else?

6: Sunscreen – Is still Supergoop everyday SPF 50 (Going on 8 years, or is it ten now?) – I use that same stuff that goes on my body on my face because…it’s awesome, doesn’t irritate my skin, and is super hydrating. And it’s formulated to go on your face and body. Wahooo!

I have a few masks, but honestly I rarely remember to use them enough to know if they do anything. So I’m sticking to the everyday ritual/consistently used stuff.

7: Omegas, H2O, and Sleep – It’d be a sin to not mention how much I focus on drinking a ton of water and taking my Omegas daily – I can’t recommend Barleans fish oil swirls enough (I swear they double as my dessert sometimes – especially the peach mango). Also…sleep. Been making a conscious effort to sleep more. It helps.

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and the other day I walked into an Ulta and started hyperventilating for how much stuff was in there, then smiled, took a deep breath, and walked out. So here’s to hoping this might help you weed out some of the good stuff that’s out there.

Cheers to simplifying your routine, loving the skin you are in, drinking water, maybe even getting a good night’s sleep, and then singing praises to the stuff that makes it all feel great and happy. (**Ahem, May Lindstrom, Cocokind, Avene, Barleans and Supergoop)

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