Goldfish Kiss X Rip Curl


If someone told me a decade ago that my watercolors and messy penmanship would be adorning a second capsule with one of my favorite surf companies, I’d be thrilled with your creativity, but probably think you were a bit crazy. 

So yes, please pinch me. I am beyond pumped to share with you, Goldfish Kiss X Rip Curl. Round Deux.

Here’s what went down: A few of my surf inspired paintings, (along with my illegible handwriting I’ve grown to appreciate), were taken by the creative minds of the Rip Curl Design team, and turned into a fun capsule of trucker hats, tanks, a fleece, a big tote and some clutches. It’s bright, everything is über soft, and I’m pretty sure any item could bring a beachy vibe to Siberia if it needed to. Which is always a good thing. 

It’s fantastic. And I’ve had permagrin for…a few years now. 

To say this is motivation to keep on creating, painting, developing as an artist, and being positive, is quite an accurate description. 

Hope you love it.

Thank you Rip Curl, and thank you all for encouraging me so much. 

I’m going to go hug my watercolors, put on a trucker hat and the fleece, throw some stuff in the tote, and walk to get an iced coffee to celebrate. 

Now, please, by all means. go shop…

Available at – and at your local surf shop (If they don’t have it, tell them to get with the program and carry it). And I’ll add additional places to shop online as I find them. .

* If you want a quick run through of the collection, I did a facebook live video over on my facebook page. Love doing those things.

**And feel free to check out my art shop anytime: 

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