Smoothies With Levi


If I can brag about anything in the kitchen, it’s my smoothie making abilities. If there’s something definitely NOT brag worthy, it’s my abilities to take a picture of food.

So, I figured I’d share some delicious smoothies…by showing Levi eating them.

Because he’s something I could photograph, or attempt to photograph forever, and our smoothie making morning ritual is turning into quite a healthy little habit.

He goes to the freezer, grabs the frozen fruit, and of course starts eating it. I then proceed to throw everything imaginable into our Tesla of Blenders. Once it starts, he throws his arms up to have me pick him up so I can hold him while he watches. For 5-10 seconds. Yay attention span. 

Then we just bust out the mason jars, and split a big ol’ tasty smoothie full off good stuff. We even clink our jars and say cheers. 

He then proceeds to make a big mess. Let me clarify – A big cute mess. On his face.

It’s the little things. 

The little healthy tasty things.

Enjoy the pics. 

And here’s the recipes. Basically we grab every frozen fruit at Trader Joe’s and go to town.

Red Smoothie: Pomegranate juice, coconut milk, frozen berries, kale, and frozen mango.

Pink Smoothie: Orange juice, 1 banana, frozen raspberries, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple. 1 tbs acai powder.

Orange Smoothie: Tangerine Juice, coconut milk, frozen mangos, frozen Apricots, Frozen strawberries. ( he loves this one just stared at it for a few minutes before trying it.)

Green Smoothie: Orange Juice, coconut milk, avocado, cucumber, lime juice, frozen mango, spinach

*And a HUGE thank you to Vitamix for my A2500. True Story: My husband and I got a Vitamix as a wedding present, but sold it because we needed a kitchen table and chairs, and have been kicking ourselves for doing that for the last 9 years. So I was more than thrilled to receive this beauty, that clearly is being used every singe day.

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