Goldfish Kiss X Rip Curl

If you see me with a little extra pep in my step today, it’s because a new Rip Curl X Goldfish Kiss collection just launched. In fact, it’s our FOURTH collection. Pinch me. Seriously.

If anyone is on the hunt for a new hat, tote, tank, tee, or sweatshirt, here you go. Most pieces are adorned with a little circle scenic watercolor with aloha overlaid on it. (I painted it hoping it would translate well into apparel, and I think it did. Wahooo! High five.) Interesting fact though. Right after I was done painting it and sending it over, Levi scribbled all over the middle of the piece with a sharpie. (Maybe he was trying to write aloha? Who knows.) So it has a bit of nostalgia in that realm as well.

Then the sweatshirt has some lovely l’il boards all stacked up. Gosh, I love painting those l’il things. (Maybe one day I’ll figure out a way to watercolor an actual board this way. Ok, that’d be sweet.) I swear each year the sweatshirt tends to be my favorite piece. Maybe it’s because I live in sweats? Yup.

I hope you love it. Rip Curl has been a blast to work with, and it’s a partnership I could’ve never imagined…yet here we go. Once again, pinch me. 

Yay art. Yay surf art. Yay wearable surf art.

Now, please, feel free to go shop.

• Rip Curl X Goldfish Kiss 2019 Available at, Rip Curl stores, and your nearby surf shop (I hope).

Thanks, Rip Curl. I’m sending you all a big jumping high five and a round of cold beers on me. Preferably after a fun surf.

Past collections can be viewed aqui. 

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