Little brain sparks

I’m kiiiiind of taking a few weeks off, and where we’re staying doesn’t have the most reliable internet…which in retrospect, has been a huge blessing in disguise. In fact, I love it. But I just realized I had a decent signal, and also had a few more little brain sparks, or just mini ramblings to share. So…keeping it quick before I lose the signal again.

Hope you like them. I’m finding writing imperfectly and short is the way to go these days.

Adios, for now, should be back in a week. Maybe sooner. I’ve lost track of time.

Sunshine just feels pretty darn great.

So does writing.

On that note, if you don’t have a journal, I definitely say pick one up and start filling it out. Or, start a new notes page on your phone where you say random thoughts or ideas before you forget them. Love doing that too.

More poems aqui. 

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