A colorful Mess

Well, here are the latest colorful messes from my desk. Which is also a mess. I mean, every now and then I do clean it up, and that cleanliness lasts about a day. It all makes me wonder if I’d be a kabillion times more inspired and productive if I had a clean, nicely naturally lit space, like this. But then again, there’s kind of something special about being able to create in a little dark nook that overlooks an old juniper bush, too.

I’ll get these up in my shop, today or tomorrow. And speaking of the shop

• After many internal dialogues with my self-doubt, I kicked it to the curb and am making more calendars. You can preorder them here, and they’ll start shipping at the end of February. HEy, the first two pages will still be fun on a wall somewhere, and you’ll still have 10 more months in 2021.

That’s about it. Keeping these art posts short to accommodate attention spans, and I just hope these pieces bring a little sunshine into your day, and maybe inspire someone out there to pick up a brush and paint. Because that’s what someone’s blog post inspired me to do a decade ago.

…and it’s been a fun, yet messy ride ever since.

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*I’ve been putting a little smiley face sun in each painting for Levi to find…so see if you can find them too 🙂




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