There’s a point to these insanely

There’s a point to these insanely close up pics of me in some new jorts. Promise.

Ok. I usually prefer to make my own cutoffs, or I rock some Bandits any day of the year.  I realized my bandits were so worn out they were virtually unwearable, and the fit made my butt look like a total pancake. I’ve lifted many weights and run many stairs to have it look otherwise. So, that’s not cool. And, I just haven’t had time to go to Goodwill and peruse the racks for some old Levi’s. You know, the perfect kind that makes a perfect cutoff. Well, I saw some of the über blogger gals rocking (aka promoting while being wined and dined at a luxury villa somewhere rad) a new line of denim, GRLFRND. Let’s just say all the thousands of dollars the companies spent to get those gals to wear their jeans…worked. I caved, I splurged, I bought these

And I love them. 

They are kind of the perfect cutoff, that I wish I could make. But never have accomplished. A little loose, pockets show, great bright blue wash, good fitting butt. Bravo. 

I’ll still go scour the racks at goodwill and make about ten pairs for the cost of these sometime soon. But in the meantime they’ve been worth every penny. 

So I had to share.

GRLFRND Ariana Slouchy jorts + Tori Praver Seafoam top 

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