Some Damn Tasty Margaritas


I wish there was a magical margarita fairy who would knock on my door at 8:25 pm, bring me a pom pom sombrero, Have’A Corn Chips and salsa, listen to Buena Vista Social Club with me until the wee hours of the night, and….have a margarita fest. Maybe we’d watch Thelma and Louise too. 

Yeah that’d be cool. 

Ok, my point is 1: I wish a margarita would magically appear on my desk right this minute. And 2: here’s some amazing margarita recipes I rounded up. That are all superfood worthy, and are delicious wishes that could actually come true. 

Time to bust out the blender and/or shaker.

I’m a plane, just like lime juice, and good tequila, don’t jazz up a good thing too much type of marg gal. So there’s definitely one of those in there. Along with some other saucy ones …that I’d probably guzzle down way too quickly too.

Here we go. Arriba.

• Spicy Watermelon Margaritas – Two of my favorite things in one cold glass. Lord help me. 

• 5 ingredient ginger beer margaritas – Did I really just type that without drooling? And how have I not consumed this yet?

• Chili Lime Mango Margaritas – This recipe is by the same chick who did the last one. I think we should be friends. 

• Coconut Margaritas – I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t include something with coconut on this list. And it’s by Martha Stewart. And we all know she likes to party. 

• Avocado Margarita – While consuming this, that might be the ONE time in life I’ll pass on having some guac. 

• Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots – AKA the best way to eat some fruit that I’ve seen in a while. If I ever have time to actually make these one day, watch out…

and finally..

My favorite margarita (sorry no link) – My friend Amy made these for us when we were back on Oahu. She’s a real life Margarita Fairy. It was a bunch of freshly squeezed lime juice from her lime tree, good tequila, and some sugar. Shake it up and serve over ice. There was a specific ratio of the three ingredients. It was amazing. 

Happy Cinco De Mayo folks. Now, go grab a marg.


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