For no particular reason

I don’t really have reason to post these pics…

Maybe it’s because the other day I got eight hours of sleep, I had enough time to put on some makeup, I even had three minutes to actually do my hair, and there also was a little corner of our bedroom that had great lighting. This magical combo made me feel human. It made me feel pretty. I had a little pep in my step. I even texted one to my husband. Yes I was clothed. 

Maybe it’s because I watched an interview with Jane Fonda that made me actually excited to talk about my age. She’s 78. I’m 35. She said she’s feeling better and more alive in her spirit than ever. I guess I am too. At times. Just in different ways. Oh Jane, you are my new woman crush.

Maybe I just need a reason to take a few minutes to write something, and procrastinate cleaning. Mainly because I am having a hard time being able to write lately, and also have the superhuman ability to somehow make our place seem less clean, even after cleaning.

Maybe I need a non beach or bikini, this is just me at home, where I spend a bulk of my time (which is why I am determined to make this rental a cool one) post. 

Or maybe it just felt good to be weird, snap some damn pics and document a happy, I’ll always be young at heart, hallelujah Levi is napping more than 20 minutes, now I see why a good lipliner is so important, occasion.

So there, those are my reasons. 

High five for 10 minutes of good lighting, good hair, peace and quiet, messy houses, and good lip liner.  

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