Written Out

So, I lost my iPencil, apple pencil, or whatever it’s called, which meant I quickly fell off of the sketching each day wagon. But, never fear, a new pencil was acquired (Cheaply. Yay refurbished eBay stuff) …and the sketching/working on my messy penmanship daily ritual shall insue. I got to sit down in a coffee shop this morning and just sketch for an hour. Yum. Just don’t recommend doing that after consuming a super-strong americano. Good thing I wasn’t drawing any straight lines.

Here are a few.

This stuff is fun. I highly recommend some mindless sketching, writing, doodling, or whatever floats your boat creating-wisw. It does the mind some good.

And I think I’ll put some velcro on my pencil, attach it to my tablet, and wrap some neon tape around it. Maybe I won’t lose another one.

Cheers to creating.

And to eBay.

Created using the Procreate app. It’s a blast. 

More messy penmenship aqui


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