Those Leaves

If bright warm earthy hues are your deal, Seattle is quite the place lately. Bright blue skies, not so much. However, the drizzly grey days seem to make the foliage hues pop. I witnessed a minivan full of people stop to take pictures with this tree/bush (sorry I don’t know plants to well) that literally looked like it was made up of little flame legos. Then I snuck one in as well.

So, I’m just glad I was able to get some pics down by the lake the other day with some of these hues before they all blow away.

Bear with me as I’m figuring out how to take pics here. Everything was just so bright and easy at the beach. Seattle is going to take a bit more work and creativity. In the meantime, these iPhone pics are somehow doing the trick.

Also, the other night I realized 3/4 of my closet was warm weather beach gear, so I grabbed a big ‘ol Tupperware and filled it up. That way, in 6 months when it’s warm again, I’ll feel like I have a new wardrobe. But yeah it was pretty bittersweet watching my closet go from breezy bright florals to plaid, sweats, and denim. I still kept some bikinis in a bag though to keep the morale up.

But I’m learning to layer like a champ, still am getting out and about, rain or shine, and figuring out how to love Fall in the PNW. Even if Pumpkin spice stuff just isn’t my thing.

So cheers to the leaves, a (somewhat) organized closet for once, looking forward to sunny days, and finding the beauty in the ones in between.

Learning to layer like a champ in: *MOTHER jacket + Jeans // *Clhei Paloma Satchel // Janessa Leone Alara Hat // *Carve Designs Sweater // Isabel Marant boots (found on poshmark for a STEAL) *= Gifted. I love my job. 

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