10 Mood Boosting Sweaters

It’s officially chilly, cold, and grey here in Seattle.  (I’m writing while wearing sweats, a thermal tee, and a cardigan. I’m holding out on busting out the Ugg slippers as long as I can, but the days are numbered.) With the lack of warmth in the atmosphere usually comes lack of vibrancy in the knitwear we are adorned with to keep warm, usually ending in lots of moodiness, me listening to way too much singer-songwriter music and stopping at too many drive-through coffee huts.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of fun, bright mood-boosting sweaters out there that’ll have you listening to Bob Marley…and still drinking a ton of coffee.

Here’s a round-up of ten of them (Note: Everything is also over on my wishlist page.) 

*Fun fact: When we lived in Minnesota, I was determined to start a line of “aloha sweaters.” You know, think the prints of an aloha shirt, but a thick, chunky knit cardigan (or less chunky, equally warm, cashmere.) Take your pick. This roundup has me thinking…maybe that idea needs to be revisited…hmmm.

Alas, onto the warm and vibrant radness we shall go.

1: LNA Brushed Tiger Nala Sweater. I’m not sure how super warm it is, but it’s a fierce layer. Rawr.

2: Leave it to Wildfox to make a chunky neon ombre knit cardigan. It’s called the Aspen Cardigan, and the yarn is their space yarn. Swoon.

3: Stoned Immacuate California Dreamin Sweater. I finally caved and bought this when we moved to Seattle. It was an emotional purchase I don’t regret. And love wearing.

4: This leopard Fairisle crew by Autumn Cashmere was pretty much love at first sight. Ok, at first I thought it was ugly, then I realized it is freaking awesome.

5: It might be lightweight, but this was the only palm front print sweater I could find. I’m frond of it.

6: In case anyone is on the hunt for an oversized neon green, chunky knit turtleneck sweater…here you go.

7: Another 525 America gem –  This one’s super soft, and embroidered with peace signs, flowers and happy stuff. It also has a matching headband I miiiight have in my shopping cart.

8: 525 American Rainbow Marl Kimono Pullover ( Also comes in a cardigan) – SOmewhere under the rainbow, I’m warm.

9: Just a few snow leopards keeping you from getting the cold shoulder. Gotta love it.

10: Well, this color block chunky hooded poncho is a dream.

Stay warm. Think sunshine. It’s the goal.

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