Happy Boobs.


There are a few things that keep boobs quite happy. Education about breast cancer prevention, early detection, and cancer causing toxins in our everyday environment…and bikini tops that stay put.

Well, it just so happens that Calavera and Keep A Breast joined forces and are giving boobies permagrin. They teemed up with tattoo artist, Kim Saigh to create a few stay put suits, and are donating 50% of their profits from the aforementioned suits…to Keep A Breast.

It’s a win win for the twins.

If you haven’t gone over to Keep A Breast, I highly suggest doing so. There’s a plethora of free, easy to understand, extremely enlightening info. (Example: the pocket prevention guide, which I just read for the second time today, and am now rethinking everything I clean my house with…and am also craving green tee and turmeric.) And there are also ways to get involved, different programs, and is the place to buy those infamous I heart boobies bracelets.

Great suits, great design (Anna, Designer of Calavera, even had Kim tattoo the print she designed for the suit on her torso), and a REALLY great cause. 

Calavera, Kim Saigh, and Keep A Breast. I’m sending you a big ‘ol high five. 

And Kim, I might be calling you for a new tattoo…

Available at Calavera and Without Walls

And seriously, go do some reading over at keep-a-breast.org

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