Happy Feet

A side effect of indecisiveness is…happy feet. Why stick to one color when you can use the whole box, and why decide on one motif when you can just try out a few. Works for me. In fact, it’s turning into my favorite way to paint my toes. 

I’m just running out of ways to describe these piggies, other than, “happy feet.” It jsut…works so well. Anywho, should you want to look down at your toes and smirk a bit, here’s an attempt at instructions.

I promise a video, or more visual tutorial is coming soon. This is just a hobby of mine, and I paint these in a super awkward hunched over position on the floor, so might be tricky figuring out the camera angle. 

In the meantime, here are the directions…

Basically, think of five different ways you’d want to paint your toes, then paint each toe in one of those motifs. Then you switch up which toe gets what on the other foot.

Tools: I always use Zoya and Julep polishes (I just like their polishes and how they’re opaque and free of nasy gunk.) and a nail art kit similar to this one


• Paint toes with a base coat

• Flamingoes = Paint toes baby blue or white, then paint two pink dots with a little space in between them. The top dot = the head. The bottom = the body. So, grab a nail art brush and add to the bottom dot to make it look more like a long oval with a point for the tail. Then, draw a curve to connect the two and make its neck. Now, go in with black polish and paint a tiny long triangle for the beak, and long skinny lines for the legs. Go in with light pink polish and paint a little on the wings…if you want.

• Rainbow = Paint a curved line in red, orange, yellow, green then blue. Then go in with a dotting tool and put in some big puffy clouds on one end and wherever else you want some happy clouds. (Clouds = big dots overlapping) Go in with gray polish and paint some tiny birds too…if you want.

• Polka dots = Paint toes white, then grab a dotting tool to paint a few peach polka dots, then a few pink polka dots. I like polka dots. They’re super easy too. 

• Watermelon slice = Paint a V on the toe in pink polish. Now, paint a line of white at the tip (Like you’re doing a french manicure) then a thin gren line on top (so a little white still shows, but the green pops). Go in and paint a few tiny black dots. Yum.

• Blue and yellow palms = Paint toes light yellow, then grab a nail art brush and paint some baby blue fronds. Fronds = A little curved line with curved lines coming off the side. I added a tiny bit of green on top as an accent. Your call.

• Let these pigges dry, then seal the deal with a glossy topcoat.

• Crank up some tunes and do a barefoot happy dance. Just don’t stub your toe.


More nail art aqui. // You can also see them all over on Instagram #GoldfishKissToes

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