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WHEN THE NAILS, TOES, AND SHELL COORDINATE. So, yesterday I tried out a new kind of nail art look I’ve been eyeing. It’s where there’s no base color, so you just paint the art right

Mini Ice Cream Nails

I love ice cream. I also love painting my nails. However, it has to be something quick because polish tends to only last 24-48 hours, max. If I’m lucky. (Picking problem and I love being

Greek Doodle Nails. I have this

Greek Doodle Nails. I have this awesome blue polish (that reminds me of Greece) and a white nail art pen. Then, I stumbled on this gorgeous tile, and well, that trio inspired me to do some doodling

Washi tape nails

Washi tape. It’s like the MacGyver of the crafting world. Along with dressing up cords, keyboards, walls, notebooks, sunglasses and mason jars, it can also easily add a touch of pizazz to…your nails. Yes, people

Beach Ombre Nails

I have a mild obsession with LA Nail Artist Stephanie Stone. (If you don’t follow her instagram or tumblr, please do so por favor.) Anywho the other week she posted a Hawaii themed sand and

Half & Half Nails

Never fear, the hardest part is picking the colors. Other than that, here are some pretty easy, no tape, no nail art brushes, fun, bright nails. DIY Half and Half nails. 1: Pick 5 colors.

I’m all about the accent nail

I’m all about the accent nail lately. Paint your nails normally, but leave one to go to town with in the creativity department. If you are in a bad mood, make it the middle finger.

Beach Beauty. Easy Colorblock nails.

I must confess, I am not going to take over an hour of free time to do a nail art manicure that will most likely chip off within a few days. However, if I find

Beach Beauty: Confetti nails

I really should call this ADD nails, because I started off doing polka dots, then four different colors of dots later…voila, confetti nails. The good thing is it’s super easy, and really doesn’t take long

Beach Beauty: Leopard Print nails

Leopard Print. Everyone loves it for some reason. Including myself. Especially on nails. Good news. It’s easy to paint the beloved print yourself, and I think if you don’t have a steady hand, it looks