Summer Nails

Long time, no post. Been taking it kinda slow this summer, and soaking it up so far. But…not without making sure the nails were dressed for the occasion.

Zoya sent me some of their summer collection, Beachy Brights, which were pretty much a perfect fit/no-brainer for the kind of nails I gravitate towards.

If you look at the second slide on my IG post, there’s a video showing how to paint one hand. (The other one is all the purply pink color, Sorya, my favorite of the bunch) Ok, now realizing embedding is kinda cool. Note to self to do that more.


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But just in case, here’s how you paint each one…

• For the half flower nails you paint big dots in a half circle then kinda pull or paint each dot in so it makes a petal.

• The square nail was super easy – just use the polish brush and paint a little smudge of a square.

• The little heart: Put two tiny dots side by side then kinda pull each dot down and to the center and it makes a heart.

• Squiggle nail = just a few squiggles with a nail art brush or toothpick.

• Zebra stripes = Do some little horizontal lines that alternate

• Dots = my favorite, just paint some blobs.

That’s it.

Let ’em dry then use a super glossy top coat and say sayonara to closed-toed shoes for a while.

Ok, now I’m realizing this post took me about five minutes, no excuses for not getting back on track with posting on here.

Yay, summer. And the bright and happy nails that go along with it.

More nail art Aqui. 

Sandals are the Fergie Sandals by p448

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