Mexico Daze

Whenever an opportunity for a surf trip comes up, the Punta de Mita area’s become our go-to these past few years. Well, we just got back from another trip back and figured I’d post some of my favorite pics before my tan fades, which might take a while this time because it was HOT. And I soaked it up. It felt good to not be cold, for even a single minute, for 13 days. Heavenly, actually.

My husband on the other hand. Well, I have my own collection of photos of him angry and sweating profusely that will entertain me for years on end.

We stay in town at a condo near the beach, then do a few nights at an all-inclusive resort that’s right in front of another surf break. We can’t afford to stay “behind the gates” at the über villas or hotels, and I definitely prefer our way. I’ve gotten to know some people in town ( Be sure to stop at Sea & Salt) and love just getting up and walking around, especially on the beach.

We cook at our condo every other night, and pretty much do breakfast and lunch there too. Then one night we eat at one fancy restaurant (which is always a treat – Mina or La Pescadora) and Levi insists on getting pizza at La Rustica (Amazing pizza and a rad spot, just try to ignore all the Instagram photo shoots going on.) But I also love the inexpensive ones that are cash only (La Cabana, El Coral and Teresas Tacos/Normas), and I stuff my face with $10 tubs of ceviche or dozens of coconut shrimp and wash it down with a chelada. Basically there’s awesome food everywhere.

I drink a ton of beer, eat even more chips and salsa, and still manage to lose a few pounds. I think it’s all the walking, surfing, and sweating.

Even if I sound dumb, I always try to speak Spanish, to start my conversation in it at least. I’m slowly making progress. It’s gonna take more than Duo Lingo, I think. I’m thinking an online course might need to be next.

We really don’t make many plans, other than to surf and enjoy the simple pleasures of life at the beach as much as possible. My favorite memories, this time, were just hanging out in the ocean with Levi, diving under the waves for hours, and talking. Ok, seeing him on a few waves rocked too.

It was a getaway I’d been looking forward to for a while for all of those very reasons. And I’m wishing I took dozens of more pics.

Especially with my husband, but he was too hot for me to get near him.

Hope these pics give the general vibe of it all. It was a struggle narrowing it down to 16. 


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