So, yesterday I tried out a new kind of nail art look I’ve been eyeing. It’s where there’s no base color, so you just paint the art right on your nail then top it off with a glossy topcoat. Well, I started with my toes. Loved it. Then actually painted my fingernails (which I never paint.) Loved those. Then I saw a shell on my desk that looked like it wanted some blooms too. Shell yeah. 

So the moral of this whole story. Easy nail art that you can paint on your hands, feet and shells…is totally my jam. 

The best part is this was pretty much the easiest nail art ever. 

So should you want to try these out, here’s how.

• Grab some white polish, yellow polish ( or whatever color you want your flowers to be) a glossy topcoat, and a dotting tool. (I use a kit similar to this one but you can also use a ballpoint pen.) 

• Paint a bunch of little flowers that kind of swirl all over.

• Flowers = five little white dots in a circle + one yellow dot in the middle. Go paint all the white dots on all your nails first. Then do one yellow dot in the ccenter next. I like to have some flowers be cut off at the top or side of the nail. this gives it the illustion of having a pattern on your nail. 

• Let the polish dry, then top it off with a glossy top coat. (Yes. I put the topcoat on my shell too. I’m weird.)



More of my nail art aqui – You can also see them all on instagram: #GoldfishKissToes // More shell art here too

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