Native Shoes


If there’s a pair of shoes I get asked about more than any other pair I’ve ever owned…It’s actually not any pair I personally own. It’s a pair of Levi’s. It’s his Native Shoes. Any pair he’s rocking. Any day. The little dude’s kicks get some major love.

And well, I love them too. 

They’re durable, lightweight, comfy (he has yet to complain when I tell him we have to put his shoes on), socks aren’t needed, they don’t get smelly, and they’re just pretty darn cute. 

Also they’re easy to clean. One time we were visiting the nearby goat farm (a weekly oouting) and Levi walked right into a big ‘ol squishy mud puddle (happens a ton). I took them off, dunked them into the nearby pond, and boom. Squeaky clean. 

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about kiddo gear on here. So, if you’re looking for some great shoes for your littles…I highly recommend checking out Native Shoes. 

They also make shoes for grown ups. Lots of them. Those Make Waves Sandals speak my love language and are rocked daily.  And my husband keeps asking for a pair…and I totally dropped the ball on Father’s Day. 

Pictured above (And getting this pic with our feet close together was a small miracle): Kid’s Jefferson Print Star Shoes + Beth Richards X Native Shoes Make Waves Spencer Sandals  (Both were gifts, but I have also purchased a pair…or two. And might be needing a matching pair of those star ones for the 4th. And that pair for my husband…)

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