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  • Sharpie Shells Zen Time

    Feeling in a funk? Draw on some shells. In a creative rut? Paint on some shells. Need a way to relax while feeling crafty? Draw or paint on some shells. Want to just zone out

  • SHARPIE SHELLSSo, I was able to

    SHARPIE SHELLS So, I was able to totally zone out and draw today, on what might be my new favorite medium…shells.  I have a big jar full of ones I’ve found at the beach, so

  • Watercolor Shells

    I’ve seen quite a few artists and seashell art that makes me go, yowza that’s a brilliant idea ( Like these beauties by Cara Rosalie Olsen) . The key is this: you leave the front

  • Stress Relief Shells

    Wanted to share a lovely little visual reminder that sitting down, unplugging, and zoning out to paint or draw on some shells is great stress relief. Ok, it also helps me when I’m missing the

  • Some Shells Under The Rainbow

    If anyone’s looking for a few mental whoooosaaahhhh moments, grab some shells, whatever paint, pen or marker floats your boat, a good beach jams playlist, and make those shells a lovely l’il canvas. Sharpie shells

  • Festive Shells

    This is what happens when you combine sharpies, some shells, old school Christmas music, a good cup of coffee ( with or without Baileys), and about 45 minutes of unplugged zen time. I’m not sure if this is

  • Cheers

    May your days be merry and bright, and may all your shells be red and white. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Everything. Cheers to doing the following over

  • Watercolor Shell Zen Time

    If you have some shells and want to relax and unwind, here you go. Just grab a sharpie and draw on a few of them. Or, also grab a bunch of blue watercolors, a white

  • Friendship Bracelet Bobby Pins

    Figured it was time to bring back an oldie but a goodie that gives you an excuse to easily craft something but also gives those locks a little boho vibe. Yup. Friendship bracelet bobby pins.

  • Les Coquilles en Blanc

    Sometimes impulse buys at the drugstore turn out to be a good thing. Case in point: a white sharpie. It was the perfect tool to zone out and paint on a few darker shells for a