Sharpie Shells Zen Time

Feeling in a funk? Draw on some shells. In a creative rut? Paint on some shells. Need a way to relax while feeling crafty? Draw or paint on some shells. Want to just zone out and have some zen time? Paint some shells. Want to feel a little closer to the beach? Paint some shells…while listening to slack key guitar.

Or at least that’s what I do.

Shells help. Staring at them, feeling them, and drawing or painting on them is a tangible reminder of the beach. Plus when you draw on them you really are just studying their grooves and curves and really getting to know them on a personal level. You kind of just go with their flow.

Man I’m sounding like a zen shell painting guru. YES!

But, today I was in a funk, have been in a creative rut (I blame lack of sleep and saltwater) wanted to relax for a few minutes but still fulfill that never-ending nagging desire to create stuff, but wanted to use little to no brainpower, and was missing the beach (a common occurrence)…and guess what. Sitting my bum down to paint these beauties helped. It truly does.

So if you have a shell and a sharpie (or brush and paint). Give it a shot. You just might end up throwing some sea glass into the mix…and also painting on your hand.

Paint some happy little shells. It’ll make you a little happier. I’d like to think even Bob Ross would approve.

Or maybe he’d just say shell yeah.

More sharpie shells aqui

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