5 ways to rock lululemon speed shorts

I feel a bit like a hypocrite for never taking pictures or rarely talking about my most frequently worn item of clothing I own on here: My Lululemon shorts. You know, the short running ones with the liner built-in? Those suckers. When temperatures are permitting, I wear these stretchy comfy shorts everywhere, and ironically it’s rarely to work out (gotta wear leggings for that.) They’re just so darn comfy, flattering and versatile.

They used to be called the 4-way speed short, then rumors started that they were discontinuing them, and I would’ve been on the front of the protest line… but they didn’t (hallelujah), and they are now called the speed up short. Virtually same short, but you can choose the 2.5-inch or 4-inch inseam or even go the high waisted route. Of course, I go with the 2.5 inch.  I’ll be rocking short shorts until I need a walker.

My original pair lasted me over 6 years and had to be finally be thrown away after a fruitful and fulfilling life. But I went into the Lulu store in a total whim and gasped when I saw…they now have CAMO. Which made parting with that other pair sweeter.

And naturally, I’ve been rocking them nonstop ever since I left the store with my nifty reusable bag.

So, figured I’d show five ways to rock these beauties (didn’t do them with an ovesized hoodie because it was too hot, but that one’s a no brainer). Yeah, it might not be rocket science style. But sometimes seeing different ways to wear something simple…just makes getting dressed that much easier, and makes your closet seem like it has more in it then stuff you sweat in vs. stuff you just sweat in while running around your house looking for keys. Which is key in this season of life for me.

Ok, before this turns into an essay about shorts…


1 : With a loose-knit top

Starting this off with the comfiest of zee bunch. Bonus points for the off the shoulder action. Top = Zulu & Zephyr.


2: With a tied up tropical print top.

Because tropical prints give everything life and can be rocked with anything. Workout shorts included. Top (it’s actually a button up dress tied up like a shirt) is by Amuse Society.


3: With a plaid button-up.

Why do jean shorts always have to hog all the QT with the plaid? I usually wear a more oversized and longer plaid top than this, but wanted you to actually see the shorts. Tops is by Rails. (Grab a hunter top. They’re alomst as addicting as these shorts.)


4: With a tank and kimono. 

Does this count a layering? I think so. Kimonos and workout shorts. Try it, you’ll like it. Especially if it’s hotter than balls out. Kimono from Tamga Designs. 

and last but not least…

5: With whatever tee I find on the floor that isn’t too dirty to wear.

Which just so happened to be one of the favorite ones I own. What a…coincidence. I’d say number five takes up 75% of what I rock with my lulu shorts. It’s the truth.

There you go. If I had my act in gear I would’ve shown shoes too. But just think – sandals, slippers, sneakers or slides.

Regardless, just know this mama thinks speed up shorts are pretty darn sweet.

*Fun little note. Since our home lacks a single wall that is good for taking pics in front of, I invested in a little photo backdrop kit and sheet on amazon. This is the first post using it. It was windy, the sheet was wrinkled. Fun times.  

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