Dahlias with Friends

Flowers and friends. Talk about a therapeutic combo. An old friend of mine from grad school was in town and asked if I wanted to come over to her parents so our kiddos could play and we could pick dahlias. I was tempted to look up how to say HELL YEAH YES PLEASE in at least a dozen different languages. (In case anyone’s wondering how to say it in Hungarian, it’s Pokol igen, igen, kérlek. God Bless you, Google Translate.)

Well, I got to catch up with a pal, and have our kiddos run around and play in the sprinklers…all while picking dahlias that represented the entire color wheel and made my jaw drop. And apparently the more you pick the more they’ll bloom, so a few big bouquets were made. Big purple beauty included. Her mom even gave me two vases to keep them in (That I literally buckled in the passenger seat of my car when we left. Aint no sharp turn going to mess with these blooms that will adorn our rental and as a result make it feel somewhat settled in for a few days)

I warned my pal that I might take a bunch of pics, because…flowers are my jam. And I did. And AM so glad I got to preserve the memory of these ridiculous bouquets.

I swear, whenever I’m in a funk or am trying to figure out life here in Seattle, an outing like this happens, and am reminded just as the great Philosopher Bob Marley Said, “everything’s gonna be all right.”

Enjoy the blooms wherever you are planted.

Especially while catching up with a friend.

Pictured above: Lots of Dahlias’s // Bella Dahl Shirt // Parlettei Bangle  

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  • I relate to this so much right now! I’m still having a hard time getting settled in Seattle, but I cut some stargazers yesterday to put on our dining room table and it made me feel a little more grateful than I have been this summer. Those dahlias are gorgeous!

    • Isn’t it amazing how something as little as a bunch of flowers can help ease the anxiety/uneasiness of feeling out of place? Gosh nature is amazing. Hope you are enjoying this sunshine. It definitely helps!