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  • Watercolor shell zen time

    When I have a date night at our favorite seafood spot, my husband doesn’t even blink when I order the scallops, and then ask for a to-go box to carry all the shells in that

  • Friendship Bracelet Bobby Pins

    Figured it was time to bring back an oldie but a goodie that gives you an excuse to easily craft something but also gives those locks a little boho vibe. Yup. Friendship bracelet bobby pins.

  • Les Coquilles en Blanc

    Sometimes impulse buys at the drugstore turn out to be a good thing. Case in point: a white sharpie. It was the perfect tool to zone out and paint on a few darker shells for a

  • A Scenic Diversion

    I swear the unplanned, hey let’s just go to the beach outings always end up having the best surprises. Take this afternoon, for example. It was kind of overcast, about 50 degrees out. I just

  • This here is a giant cockle

    This here is a giant cockle shell. Actually, the specific name is a Van Hyning’s Cockle ( I think. I just googled it.) I never find them, I swear they find me, and it’s usually while

  • I decided to take the whole

    I decided to take the whole shell painting thing quite literally.  Turns out the porous and chalky looking shells absorb watercolors really well. So, I grabbed a brush, some paint, and water, then messed around with


    WHEN THE NAILS, TOES, AND SHELL COORDINATE. So, yesterday I tried out a new kind of nail art look I’ve been eyeing. It’s where there’s no base color, so you just paint the art right

  • Simple Summer To Do’s

    Ok, I’ve done a few summer to do lists on here, and have maybe checked off one or two items on it. The culprit? Having expectations that it’s the most amazing time of year and

  • Tips to Calm The Craziness

    A few weeks ago, I honestly felt like my mind had an 80′s hair Rock tribute band jamming out in it 24/7. I was a bit of a nervous wreck, was all over the place

  • “To think creatively, we must be

    “To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” ~George Kneller (Not that I’d ever take a shell for granted, but ever since I started drawing in