A Scenic Diversion

I swear the unplanned, hey let’s just go to the beach outings always end up having the best surprises. Take this afternoon, for example. It was kind of overcast, about 50 degrees out. I just decided to take the scenic route home and stop at one of my favorite spots to see if there were a ton of shells since we had a swell yesterday. (There were. I filled up a shelling pack, and plan on having a painting fest soon.)

Anywho, today: An HGTV crew was filming and asked if they could film us playing on the beach, a pelican (who Levi named Nigel) just came up and sat down next to us, there were TONS of shells, Levi was just happy, hilarious and cooperative, and the 50 degree temps made the ocean feel like a bath (there were people swimming in just board shorts. I just got in down to my shins. Sorry, I’m not that tough.)

So here are a few pics. I swear I wasn’t documenting the whole thing, just a few minutes of it. And a few Levi and me pic attempts, because, I mean he’s kinda cute.

The whole point of this isn’t to brag or anything like that. (Trust me, the morning started off with some tears and a buttload of frustrations.) This was just a really fun hour of my day.

It’s just a friendly reminder to remember to slow down and take the scenic route sometimes. It just might lead to a much needed one hour break filled with just what your heart was craving.

…and shells.

Wearing: With Love From Paradise Leggings (they even have cargo pockets. Swoon.) + Rip Curl jacket + Raen Durante shades 

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