Well, moving to Florida has rekindled

Well, moving to Florida has rekindled a love I didn’t think would ever surface again in my life after 4th grade: my love for a fanny pack

Because it makes a superb shelling pack. 

And I’ve been stocking lately. 

Beaches = vacant yet pristine and beautiful. Shells = Everywhere. Me = Happy dancing. 

Seriously though, a fanny pack is great for shelling. Like, really great. Especially if you need your other two hands to chase after/hold a toddler. And ironically, I think it kind of makes you look kind of tough when rocked over a bikini. 

So yes this type of beloved little nylon device that used to house Lisa Frank pencils, pens and stickers, now holds gems from the sea. And some accompanying sand. (I totally overflowed it for artistic merit in these pics, but it zips up just fine)

High five for shelly packs. 

Fanny (I mean shelly) pack by Herschel Supply Co. // Sports Bra via Olympia Activewear ( This thing makes my deflated mom boobs look waaaay better than they really are) // Bikini bottoms by Tigerlily Swimwear // And Shells via the Gulf of Mexico. Gracias. 

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