Written Out

Just embracing my horrendous penmanship, writing random thoughts, and re-writing some old ones too. It’s mildly therapeutic to write the same words over and over until you get it right. Highly recommend it.

Top-to-bottom (In case you can’t read my writing.)

• All I’m hoping, praying and trying to do, is live my life in a way where I never have to look back to find the best of times (Yup. This one’s super pertinent again. I’ll explain more later.)

• Life is a Beautiful Mess. (Yes, yes it is. And I shall embrace it.)

• And a good daily to-do list: Live more. Love more. (Smiley face included.)

…Now that I look at these, I might try and write something out each day. Ok, maybe every other day.

Created using the Procreate app. It’s amazing. So is a pen and paper. 



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