Cold Grey Day Brighteners

Seeing that my former hometown of Minneapolis had balmy temps in the -25’s today, and there were rumors of snow here in NW Florida, and well, because it’s winter…here are a few ways to “warm or brighten up” a cold & gray day.

• Wear a tropical print.

• Buy some fresh flowers.

• Spray Malie Organics room spray EVERYWHERE. (Even all over yourself.)

• Rock a bikini as underwear

• Turn on some good Reggae jams (Might I recommend “Mr. Brown” by Bob Marley)

• Curl up and watch Blue Crush, The Beach ( The first half of it. The second half weirds me out) or Momentum Generation (If you have HBO. I could watch this documentary until my eyes dry out.)

• Make a mood board filled with tropical places and colorful images.

• Wear a shell anklet around…with big cozy slippers.

• Paint your nails a bright summery color (Like Zoya Happi).

• Slather on some coconut oil, self-tanner, or bronzer. Or all of the above.

• Drink your coffee with something coconut in it. Or drink some kind of tropical tea. The bigger the mug the better.

• Do some beach waves, or spray some surf spray in your hair. Or just say to hell with it and do a messy top knot (be sure to sick a flower in it).

• Draw or paint on some shells.

• Or if all else fails, turn up the heat, take a long nap, and dream of somewhere tropical.

Stay warm, cozy, and in a tropical state of mind, my friends. Especially those in that Polar Vortex. Yeowza.

Pictured: Chunky Knit Blanket (found on amazon, yes it sheds, but is ridiculously cozy) // Kawaiian Lion Pillow // Gunn & Swain Crochet Pillow + Peace Pouch // Sophia C Anklet  // Billabong pants (They are like 7 years old and have holes in them because they’re my favorite.) // …and some Booties.

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  • You did not want to be in Minneapolis this week. Brutal. I actually flipped thru your blog for some warm weather inspiration and sunny beach pics. Thanks for helping make winter more tolerable Up Nort’.