Friendship Bracelet Bobby Pins

Figured it was time to bring back an oldie but a goodie that gives you an excuse to easily craft something but also gives those locks a little boho vibe. Yup. Friendship bracelet bobby pins. If you have embroidery floss, a bobby pin, and have ever made a friendship bracelet, you can easily make one of these bad boys.

After making a bunch today, I’m convinced creating and being crafty is one of the all-time greatest zone-out stress relievers (along with painting shells.) Plus, sometimes it feels good to revive an old DIY. Ok, even my husband said my hair looked cool. Which says a lot.

I also think theses suckers hold really really well. I know in the pics my hair looks like it’s falling out, but it didn’t. The floss = grip. Also, it’s a lot harder to lose them, mainly because they look cool and don’t blend in whatsoever. So, maybe I could call this – Easy stay put friendship bracelet bobby pins you won’t easily lose.

Enough blabbing, on to zee Instructions:

**Hopefully the pic above explains, but you basically make a friendship bracelet and make sure each knot is also going around the top/zig-zag part of the bobby pin.

Tools: Embroidery floss, bobby pins, and wearing distressed jeans or a pair of shorts helps. 

1. Grab 3 long strands of embroidery floss that are cut to be the same lengths.

2. Fold the floss in half, and secure the bobby pin right where it’s folded in half. You now have equal lengths of floss on each side to work with.

3. Secure the bobby pin with floss somewhere you’ll easily be able to make the knots without it moving – zig-zag side up, with the open end facing you. *I found holes in my jeans or wearing some shorts worked the best. I’m sure you could also safety pin the bobby pin to something too, I just have no clue where any safety pins are in our house.

4. Grab whatever color you want to start with (Both strands of that color) and make a forward knot. (You know, the basic one where you make the number 4and pull the tail through.)

5. When you get to the bobby pin, have the loop also go around the top/zigzag half of the pin. This secures the knot and ensuing friendship bracelet adornment onto the bobby pin.

6. Repeat knots and use different colors and amounts of knots in those colors to make a pattern all the way down the length of the pin. My motto is the more random the better.

7. When you’ve run out of room, just cut off the string after the last knot.

8. Repeat on as many pins as you want, then go look up bobby pin hairstyles on Pinterest and have some fun. Or just use one to pin back bangs you just decided to cut by yourself at 12:35am, just pull one side back, or do whatever it is you normally do with a bobby pin…besides losing them.

Cheers to creating fun stuff.

And to colorful hair days.

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  • I love your instagram. I usually flip through Instagram every morning before I head into work and I always look for yours. It makes me remember how much love water colors and I love the little crafts you show. It reminds me that I need to get back to doing these little things and how much I loved doing these little crafts and that just because I’m older now, I can and should still zone out on making a friendship bracelet or paint some shells. They are small things but something I can squeeze into my day to bring me back to how much I love being creative. So thank you for brightening my day with a little color!