Different Kind Of Spring Mood

Well, what an interesting start to Spring. The days are longer and things are blooming, and I’m just trying to not turn into Bill Murray in What About Bob through it all. There’s a lot to wrap our brains around these days, but then there’s also an innate desire to just simplify and breathe. Things are more complex but also pared down.

So, I’m in the mindset that now is just a great ‘ol time to create. You know, create instead of consuming so much. Mainly because the second I turn on the news or go down the rabbit hole of reading a ton of articles or people arguing on twitter, I can feel every muscle tense up and I start to grind my teeth.

You know what caused me to relax and unclench my jaw? Making this mood board. Creating = a mental cup of tea, my friends. I tried to go with the spring trend, but really kind of went all over the place, like my mind.

So, I say get crafty. Get creative and find an outlet.

Quick list of suggestions, go…

• Pick up a pencil or a paintbrush and paint, draw or sketch. Get a little sketchbook and try to do one a day.

• YouTube tutorials – I learned how to do the moonwalk yesterday. Sad fact that makes me feel old: it also made my calves sore.

• Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do or learn and see if you can tackle any of them.

• I’m still working on learning some songs on the Ukulele (More stuff you can learn via YouTube)

• Write letters to a bunch of friends – Yay for snail mail. I say decorate it too.

• Mood boards: Make em. Old school ones where you cut and paste stuff out of magazines are the best.

• Kids crafts are fun too. Join in. Especially playdough and fingerpainting.

• Write down any business or service you wish existed and who knows, you might’ve thought of a great company to start one day.

• Put on noise-canceling headphones and dance around. Whether or not you decide to start a tic tok account because of it is up to yo. Ohh playlists are fun to make too. Make one of those.

• See what types of home workouts you can come up with. Or do old workout videos from the 80’s you can find on youtube.  Jane Fonda is a beast.

Ok, I’ll stop. You get the point. Hope you like the mood boards.

Trust me, there’s NO pressure to be a ridiculously productive person right now. Pretty sure the feeling of treading water is a common theme. But I’ll end with grammatically horrendous motto: Take care of yourself, sleep and break a sweat (not at the same time), keep scrolling and news watching to a minimum, smile, focus on the good stuff, jump all over opportunities to be creative and learn, and be kind. Be oh so freakishly kind.

Oh, and Maybe watch What About Bob a few times. DR. MARVIN I’M SAILING!

Hang in there, folks. Sending you an awkward air bear hug that’s at least six feet away.

More mood boards aqui . They’re pretty fun to check out.

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