Messy Desk Update

Heres the latest from the messy desk. I have about five more pieces sketched out: Some are actually on paper, and some are just in my head. Just hoping I can use these times when I’m stuck at home to get a lot of those done. Hmmm we shall see.

After having Levi I ended up painting a lot because I was stuck at home. I don’t do well at being stuck at home. But it also tends to make me paint more, and be pretty darn productive and creative. And messy.

It might sound odd, but there is something soothing about being stuck, I guess. Less pressure to go out and do stuff means more room to be present and make the most of things at home. Even if it’s a rental where you can’t hang anything on the walls (like us.)


…maybe I’ll start that book once and for all.

…and maybe catch up on sleep.

…but I’m really trying to try to paint a bunch too.  Mental escape and creative outlet. Yay art.

Baking sourdough, organizing the closet, sorting toys and giving away (or maybe selling) old clothes, will have to wait.

Painting just feels so darn good right now.

I just hope I don’t run out of paint, because the art shop is closed.

*But my l’il shop is always open: (Yeah, shameless plug. But it helps me give my printer some business too.)

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