Happy Toes…and hand.

Well, these interesting times called for painting some happy nails. And well, these interesting times also got me around to finally filming how to paint them. I even shocked myself.

Also, it’s important to note that my other hand is just that fun yellow color (Essie Check Your Baggage). Mad props to ambidextrous nail artists. I am definitely not one of them.

The good news: it’s some über easy nail art. The other good news: the only tools I used were a bobby pin (stretched out/opened up) a ballpoint pen, and a thin sharpie. Aka stuff you can find at home. You just put little blobs of the nail polish you’re using on a postcard or something and dip the dotting tool in the blob, then on the nail. POur a new blob when you’re ready for a new color. Boom.

And, without any more blabbing, here’s the video…

The only tip I have is to not be highly caffeinated (like I was) when drawing on the smiley face, or else they look intoxicated. Which, I guess still falls under the overarching theme of happiness.

Ok, more good news. Everything is pretty much dots – Big dots you make with the bobby pin, and little dots you make with the ballpoint pen.

Keeping instructions short, because…there’s a video:

• Little polka dots = ballpoint pen dipped into the color of choice. Just space out the dots and use two colors.

• Clouds: Clumps of dots spaced out on the nail – They’re made with a bobby pin and white polish.

• Smiley face: Paint the nail yellow, let polish dry, then draw on the smiley face.

• Flowers: Make five big dots in a circle, then drag each dot into the middle, (using the ballpoint pen) then put one different colored dot in the middle.

• Little hearts: Make two tiny dots next to each other, then use that ball pint pen to just drag them down into a point.

• Let polish dry then seal with a glossy topcoat.

Boom. Happy nails.

Give ’em a shot. I did all my nail art for a few years just using these tools. Figured now is a good time to pass on the tricks, so you can have a fun new hobby too.

More Nail Art Aqui.

Polish: I use and recommend Zoya, Essie, and Julep Polishes.

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