Festive Shells

This is what happens when you combine sharpies, some shells, old school Christmas music, a good cup of coffee ( with or without Baileys), and about 45 minutes of unplugged zen time. I’m not sure if this is considered crafting, but if it does, I can now say I officially got crafty for the Holidays.

Regardless, I think these festive shells might turn into a new Holiday tradition. Levi even did a few (He colored his all blue with a smiley face on the inside.) If I had my act in gear I’d make them into ornaments, but for now scattered on a table, the mantle, or under the tree they shall go.

Basically, you just grab some shells/beachcombing finds, a red, black, and white sharpie, and just go to town. The Santa hats are super easy (and crack me up). Then on the Fair Isle/Ugly Sweater/Knit looking ones you draw rows of different “knit looking” shapes. Think – dashed lines, zigzags, hearts, crosses, trees, and my favorite…the reindeer. Or Moose. It’s a close call.

It was just a great way to zone out, unwind, and get (somewhat) crafty, while getting in the holiday spirit, with minimal effort, and maximum beach vibes.

‘Tis the season beach bums. Have fun.

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