Holiday Glam. Sort of.

Just because one might not have any holiday parties to attend (ahem, moi) I still think it’s fun, as well as a mood booster to take some time to at least look like there’s a soiree on the agenda. Well, at least from the neck up.

So here’s my Holiday glam look this year. It’s easy and took about 10 minutes total.

I did this exact look when we went to the zoo on Saturday night to look at the zoo lights. (Which I guess could count as the official Goldfish Kiss Company Holiday party. The goats were, hands down, the best party animals in attendance.)

Hair = Messy loose side low ponytail.

Spray some dry shampoo on hair, then wrap 1″ sections of hair around a large barrel curling iron (I used a 1.5″ one). Spray with setting spray then let hair cool, then loosely brush out.

Pull hair to one side and put in a low pony. then mess it up a bit and pull out some sections to frame the face.  Done.

Face = Nothing groundbreaking except for an excuse to pile on the highlighter, and rock a bold bright lip.

So that’s what I did. My usual CC creme, some concealer, then a lot of highlighter/bronzer/blush, fill in the brows, swipe on a little neutral shimmer eyeshadow and thin liquid eyeliner, lots o’mascara, and finally, a fun bright berry lip ( My go-to for this is Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet in Bright Plum no.49).

Then I went in an put a little shimmer oil on my cheeks…and ends of my ponytail.

Love this look (and the super flattering lighting in our new place), and shall be repeating frequently over the next few weeks. Or months.

And anytime I do post like this I have even more appreciation for beauty bloggers. Taking pics is just awkward, but felt good to feel a little glam. Even if it was to go to the zoo, or go grab some coffee.

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