Happy Holiday Toes

The tradition continues. I stayed up late the other night, watched Love Actually, and painted me some ugly sweater toes. Ok, I technically listened to the movie, but still. These suckers turned out pretty darn cute.

Should you want to partake in the tradition, here’s my attempt at instructions.

Tools: A dotting tool (small and large sizes) and a nail art brush (I use a kit similar to this) Polish = Red, white, green, brown, black, and tan. I mainly use Zoya and Julep polishes. Opaque is key.

Now, onto the nails:

• Paint one toe in each of the different motifs below. Looks cool if your feet don’t match. So paint a different toe in your chosen motif when painting the other foot.

For the Fair Isle – Paint toes red, then go in with white polish and paint little “stitches” horizontally across your toe: Think hearts, zig-zags, dots, x’s, dashes.

For the Snow Globe – Paint the lower 1/4 of your nail white, (and don’t have it be a straigh line across the top, wobbles look like snowdrifts.) Then go in with a dotting tool and put little white dots all around the empty space. Now add a tiny snowman and a tree. Snowman = a big white dot with a smaller dot on top, tiny little black dots for the coal, then paint a little black top hat and a tiny red scarf. Tree = just paint a little tree. Sorry no special tricks.

For Rudolf – Paint toes tan, then bust out that dotting tool again and paint a big red dot at the bottom center of your nail, then do two little white dots on top of that, with two even smaller black dots on top of those. Try to paint antlers on top of the eyes wherever you can find space. Here’s a tutorial.

For the Holly – Paint little clusters of three tiny red dots. Then go in and paint a few holly leaves coming off of each dot cluster. Leaves are literally a thin line a few horizontal lines scribbled across them Here’s a tutorial (The gal has some great + easy nail art videos too).

For the Green Sweater – It’s basically just like the fair aisle toe, but green and white. Paint toes green, add a few white crosses, dahes, or go for a tree. Sorry, it was on my pinkie toes and I couldn’t think of anything else.

• Let polish dry, then seal it all with a glossy topcoat.

• Grab a festive warm holiday beverage, kick up your feet, and actually watch a Holiday Rom com of choice. Then proceed to go dashing through the snow (or sand) barefoot so you can admire your toes.

Ho ho ho. Yay for festive toes.

More nail art aqui.

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