A Slow Start

For the past few weeks, I caught myself just wishing for the year to end. Or just being pretty much over this year. My husband and I were talking about it, and he had the same feeling. Then I realized that it’s not like some magical switch is going to go off when we all say sayonara to this year, and a new year starts. It’s a nice thought. But yeah. Not happening.

What’s the deal then? I mean I had a pretty kick-ass year, and looking back on it, the whole having zero expectations, but just do my best mindset was a game changer (so definitely will be continuing that tradition. Go read that post if you want.) I think it’s just this time of year can be exhausting, regardless of what your calendar and days are looking like. The lack of daylight gets to me, any emotion or feeling tends to get magnified, and I don’t know, I think we all just want to slow down and chill. So I say let’s do that. Chill out, have zero expectations and take it one day at a time.

Yum. The sound of that is mighty tasty.

A slow start is a great way to finish sometimes. At least when a year is concerned.

So, here’s a mood board that kind of captures the vibe I’m going for. Love making these things.

Cheers to a great year, especially the past week that was spent in pajamas and sweatpants, while consuming one too many cinnamon rolls, and Irish coffees.

…and dreaming up ideas while clearing space in my head.

…and watching old VHS Cartoons with my little dude. Slowing down is easier said than done sometimes, but man oh man it feels good.

*None of the photos in the mood boards are mine (I found them all over on my Pinterest) Sending a massive bear hug to every person who created each image. You’re brilliant and inspiring, and I hope you know it. 

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  • I love all of this! I have also been wishing for the year to just end already! But you are so right, its not a magic thing and then a bright shiny new year comes in 🙂
    I wish I could frame these mood boards! I love them!! Such a good feel.

  • I have been a massive fan of your blog and work for a few years now and am super grateful for your vibrant and beautiful presence! Also I just read your post about self doubt and may I just say it was a God send, I have been letting self doubt get the better of me recently and reading your thoughts on the subject was just the boost I needed to try to kick self doubts butt. Also it just proves that we should all share whatever creativity, or thoughts we have going on whether we feel they’re good enough or not as you never know who they’re going to inspire or help. That exact post ended up being just what I needed so thank you and keep up your own personal radness! 💛