New thoughts for a New Year.

Ok, so this past year was a wee bit interesting, and I’m going to go out on a whim and say that it was for everyone. Ups and downs, laughs and tears. Some major ups, and some major downs for some people, major life changing events or revelations too. It’s part of living, and a lot of it happens in a year.

If you told me on December 31st last year that I’d be writing this post on a rainy day in our new home in Northwest Florida, I’d probably laugh. But that’s the beauty of a year sometimes, you have no clue what’s going to happen.

So, as much as I’d like to write a deep thoughtful post about the last year, I’m not. As much as I’d like to have an inspiring list of resolutions to share, I’m not really making any. 

I’m just saying sayonara to this year, thanks for the memories, life changes, each day (good and bad), what I learned from you, and of course, I’d like to give you a big hug for bringing us back to the beach.

…and I’m saying hello to a New Year. And don’t take it personal, but I have zero expectations for you.

Yup zero.



I’m not talking goals, goals are good. Goals are great. I still have things I want to do (travel back to Hawaii and maybe somewhere new) work towards, or accomplish (ahem, my damn book),…but I honestly have zero expectations for the new year. And man oh man is it such a delicious thing to soak up and breathe in.

I’m just going to make a vow to myself to take it day by day. Do my best, make healthy choices, continue to find the joys in each day, and see what happens. No clue why I put a just before all of that, because it sounds pretty darn fantastic.

Will it be a great year? Who knows. Sometimes I look back, and realize my crappiest years are what shaped me into who I am…which therefore puts it in the great year column. So we shall see.

No matter how hard we try, I doubt anyone will experience a year without tears, frustrations, anxieties, or worries. But then how great it is to experience those moments of peace, laughing until you cry, exhilaration, inspiration, or those golden blissfull moments you wish you could bottle up too.

So I say bring on the new year. I am not putting you up on some pedestal of greatness, and have zero clue what you will bring.

…and for some reason, that gets me really excited.

Feel free to get excited about that too.

Happy New year everyone.

With so much love and a big deep breath,


Pic taken at my parents house in Colorado last week – where I failed to open my laptop, drank tons of coffee in their back yard while soaking up their views, and lived in my pjs. I feel like a new human because of it. 

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