Just Move for 20

It’s that time of year when fitness is kind of in the spotlight. People want to feel better, drop a few pounds, and get off on the right foot. So I’m just going to chime in with my two cents. Yay. Ready, set, chime…

Committing to moving/working out for 20 minutes a day has been a game changer for me. I definitely encourage you, if you’re wanting to start off this new year on the sweaty side, to try it out. Try it for 21 days (isn’t that how many days it takes to make a habit?)

I’m not exactly sure why 20 minutes, (I’m not an expert. Just when it comes to health, fitness, and good ‘ol balanced living I’m pretty darn passionate about it all.) and can’t pinpoint when this all officially started, but It’s the perfect time to commit to. Especially after having a kid. A few days of the week it’ll be more/a longer weightlifting session when I’m channeling my inner Dwayne Johnson (still under an hour though). But I have a date each day, with myself and some sweat, for 20 minutes every day.

…and it just feels ohhhhh sooo good.  Chances are it’ll cure whatever is plaguing me that day too (fatigue, feeling bloated, moodiness, can’t concentrate, mind racing.) However, if I’m sick, my date is with lots of water and maybe a walk or some stretching. Just had to throw that in there.

Ok, so why 20 minutes? 

It’s doable.

It’s hard to make an excuse not to find 20 minutes.

Early morning, mid-morning, lunch, after work, after dinner, there are plenty of opportunities to squeeze it in.

The health benefits are ohhh so wonderful.

It’s like a speed date/check in with your body that also clears my mind.

It wakes my tired butt up. Quickly.

Oh yeah, (One episode of paw patrol/aka free babysitter for your sweat sesh, is about 24 minutes and 15 seconds.)

It’s only 20 minutes out of the 1,440 you get in a day (Yes I had to google that).

Did I mention it’s hard to make an excuse?


I guess that’s why. Which is pretty darn motivating.


Now, what the heck do you do?

..here are examples/ideas/stuff I do.

• 5 rounds of Tabata. ( 1 round = 4minutes. 4×5 = 20. boom)

• 20 minutes interval run (5-minute warm-up + 10 minutes of 20 seconds sprint/40 second jog + 5-minute cooldown) This kind of was light above my head in the “A-ha I can workout for just 20 minutes and get in killer shape” department.

• Grab a kettlebell, set a timer and do some flows and stuff until the timer dings.

• Same thing with a TRX – Just try new moves, do intervals, it’s kind of fun to not have a big routine and make it up as you go.

• Put a treadmill at a full incline and walk uphill for 20 minutes at the fastest walking speed you can manage (no holding the handrails).

• If you have a hill nearby or some stairs, sprint up, and walk down those suckers for 20 minutes. Yum.

• Beach sprints/shuttle runs. Sprint, walk, drop down do some push-ups, do some squat jumps. Repeat.

• Just flow with it – 20-minute Vinyasa Yoga flow. (Lots of YouTube videos for this one)

• Speaking of youtube, there are soooo many free workouts over there. Search what’ you’re in the mood for (Ahem, hip-hop Tabata. I love you Keaira LaShay) and bust a move.

…you get the point. I hope.

The whole point is this: If you break it down, it’s simple: move, keep challenging your body and do it regularly. Trust me, it feels fantastic. And is addicting, in a really, really, good way.  The hard part is sticking to something, and making it part of your daily life. So I say keep it simple.

…As in 20 minutes a day.

Pictured above: Kai Ulu Full piece. I didn’t work out in it but just thought this pic looked pretty darn sporty. I definitely plan on surfing in it soon though. Which is always a great way to move too (wink wink)

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