Written Out

Finally learning to embrace my messy penmanship. Which is actually a bit of a time saver, since I’ve learned that trying to find the right font and layout for something you wrote is often ridiculously time-consuming. But handwriting, man oh man, it feels good to scribble your random thoughts and just share. It always fits. Even if the e’s look like a bump, and the words blend together.

So that’s what I’m going to start doing. Write it all. Some old stuff, some new. Some excerpts, and some random thoughts. Maybe throw in a doodle or two.

It’s a bit funny (or sad) if you think about how less and less we are actually writing anything out by hand these days. It’s almost like it’s turning into an art form instead of a daily practice. Which is all the more reason to find an excuse to write stuff out whenever possible.

So yes. I think embracing my less than perfect penmanship might be a pretty good idea, indeed. In fact, it makes me actually like it.

..and a step in the right direction to finally getting started on my book. I’ll let you guess which one above is the front-runner for the title. (better figure out a way to slap a ™ or ® on that bad boy soon.)

Created using the Procreate app. It’s amazing. So is a pen and paper. 

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