Happy Sun kissed and Soaked in natural beauty

The ironic thing is, as much as the beauty industry is a billion dollar machine designed to help us look and feel out best, I feel and look my best when I am….

Just coming out of the water

Sun kissed

With a calm but also inspired, mind

Surrounded by blue, tan or green hues

Listening to peaceful sounds

Only wearing waterproof mascara and sunscreen

With salty hair that I can’t remember the last time I did anything to

In or coming out of the water.

And If I happen to be giving my son a piggyback ride, holding his hand, or playing with him in the water, I feel like a freaking 90’s supermodel.

So basically…nature.

Nature makes me feel like a freaking goddess swimming on cloud 9.

So, this summer, I say soak up that feeling, however, you get it.

And for everything else…just use coconut oil.



Jemma Sands (big beads) + Kate Davis (Long Turquoise) + Long Lost Jewelry (Smiley face) Necklaces

Puka Perri Ring

Saint Owen Sunnies



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