Pinch me blues and warm hues

I just got back from Mexico (Again. Summer’s been off to a rather fantastic start) And I promise I have a little Punta De Mita travel guide in the works, considering I just realized we’ve been there 5 times over the past year and a half. (It was my husband’s idea actually – I think it’s so he can just text a link to his buddies to keep asking for recs.)

So that’s coming soon. Promise.

But first…some of my favorite pics. Ok, favorite beach pics I should say. Because there’s something about the rainy season – when the clouds part, the blues, and warm hues really decide to show off. And I was there for it. Sweat stache, permagrin, jellyfish stings and all. Not much to say except for these days were hot, the water was warm, the beers were cold, I was unplugged and content, and I am so glad I brought my camera since the iPhone pics weren’t doing this scenery justice.

So here are some blues and sunny hues for ya. Disfruta.



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