There’s just something about Hawaii.


Two days into my trip back to Kauai last week, I had the following realization

Hawaii does your body, mind, spirit, skin, hair and outlook on life in general…lots of good.

Which I am 100% convinced it does.

So, I wanted to pinpoint what the heck it is about these beloved Islands that make me feel so freaking fantastic. And how the heck we can try to mimic this Hawaii-effect when we are elsewhere. Although nothing is a good as the real thing, it’s worth a shot.

Here we go…

Skin: When I left LA for Kauai, my skin was a mess. Dry, and tired looking but also breaking out, and really just a pain in the butt in general, like it tends to be. But after a few days, my skin had cleared up, had that dewey look that I love (and missed), and I didn’t really put any makeup on the rest of the trip. I figured it’s the air, air quality, time in the ocean, plethora of water I was drinking, and at night I’d just slather my face in either coconut oil or Egyptian Magic. Simple super hydrating stuff. 

So how the heck do we mimic this at home? Buy a humidifier, keep on chugging water (and getting in it) and keep on slathering on the simple stuff. 

Hair: I’ll keep it short. I rarely wash my hair when I’m in Hawaii, maybe twice a week, tops. And I’m in the ocean a ton. Oh and coconut oil again, I slather that goodness on my ends as well.  My hair and I just get along so much better there.

So how the heck do we mimic this at home? Don’t wash your hair a ton, but do condition it a ton, use coconut oil, and buy (or make) some saltwater spray…and use it regularly.

Body: I was feeling unmotivated and sluggish, which I just tend to feel like sometimes. But being able to surf twice a day, and go for fun scenic runs and hikes, just got me up and moving regularly, and feeling pretty darn great and motivated as a result.

Oh yeah I pretty much lived off of papaya, pineapple, and every local fruit imaginable. And drank Ito-En Japanese Green Tea any time I could get my hands on it. Good stuff.

So how the heck do we mimic this at home? Get up and get out (even if you are bored with your surroundings) find new hikes or trails, get in the water (even if it’s just swimming in a pool), and eat lots and lots of fresh fruit. And drink Japanese green tea. Which thankfully we can do anywhere. 

Mind: Ever since I did this mysterious “carrier update” on my phone, it goes from 100% to 0% (aka dead) in like 2 hours. Yeah it’s a complete nuisance and pain in the butt. However this forced me to leave my phone in the room in Kauai, and unplug a bit, which allowed me to stress less, be more present and enjoy my surroundings and company more. 

Also, never underestimate the power of being somewhere quiet. Listening to just the waves, wind, or roosters crowing early in the morning, is as soothing as soothing can be. 

So how the heck do we mimic this at home? Put down the phone and stop obsessing over checking it all the time. (I know easier said than done). Then look into buying a sound machine so your room can sound like some good ‘ol soothing crashing waves. Or you can download it on itunes and play it on repeat. I do both of these. Helps you sleep too. 

Spirit: There’s beauty everywhere you go in this world. Hawaii just tends to have a really special kind that’s easy to appreciate. I was surfing one Sunday morning and was paddling back into the lineup and got choked up just as I felt the water and sun, and looked at my surroundings. I even said a little prayer thanking God for being able to be there. It was one of those “there is so much to be thankful for in life” moments. Which made my heart do the Waltz. Something about having that attitude of gratitude makes your spirit soar and feel alive, and want to go chug another Japanese green tea or something to celebrate.

So how the heck do we mimic this at home? Make an effort to see the beauty in every day, the blessing that surround us, and how much we have to be thankful for. Even if a palm tree and Humpback whale are nowhere within a 5,000 mile radius. 

And as far outlook on life in general? Well, Hawaii just tends to bring out my adventurous, and active, yet laid back beach bum mentality to it’s fullest. Explaining that would be an essay in itself. Mimicking it when I’m elsewhere…is just a matter taking a deep breath, imagining I’m back, and being grateful for wherever I am.

Now, off to find some Ito-En in LA. I have a craving…

Wearing my Ripcurl G-Bomb. Lub dub. 

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