Well, if the past 6 months

Well, if the past 6 months or so haven’t been crazy enough, I am moving (again), because of my husband’s job (again)…to a crazy ‘ol city called Los Angeles.

The city of Angeles, you just inherited yet another beach bum, aspiring actress, and (gasp) blogger. And, we need to talk about your rent prices and lack of dog-friendly rentals.

Seattle, you will be dearly missed, and I can’t thank you enough for your beauty, time on the water, amazing sunsets, adventures, making me grow so much as a person, foggy mornings, seaplanes, houseboats, flower markets, excuses to buy rain boots, and of course…coffee.

I am packed up and moved out already. So there should be no more drama for this move. That is, unless my landlord decides to not give us our security deposit back or something.

They say change causes growth. Well I’m going through one heck of a growth spurt.

Maybe I’ll be able to dunk soon.

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