5 easy, no brainer tips for

5 easy, no brainer tips for great, healthy nails.

1: Take some sort of an omega complex pill daily. The benefits don’t happen overnight, but trust me, when they kick in, you’ll be investing in a nail clipper instead of some acrylics. Helps your hair and skin too. Omegas rock, in so many ways.

2: Keep a nail file in your purse. Sounds simple, but if you have a snag or start biting a nail, file it and let it live to see another day.

3: Use toxin free nail polish. Aka polishes that don’t contain formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, or camphor. My favorites/pretty much all I use are Zoya and 4Free (pictured above)

4: Slater on some coconut oil. Hydrated + soft hands = very happy nails. And well, the cheapest, most natural (yes, even edible) way to do this, is with this miraculous oil.

5: Every now and then, take a polish sabbatical for a few days. Yes, that means putting your blinders on and ignoring all of the nail art pins of the universe, and deciding to go au natural. Think of it as the skinny dip manicure.

…and pet a lot of palm trees.

Rings by Kate Davis + Yashi Jewelry 

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