Say hello to the Hipanema cuff

Say hello to the Hipanema cuff. It’s what happened when the arm stack met Paris and Rio, and yeah, it’s kind of brilliant.

Hipanema came into existance when two Parisian beauties met on the beaches of Rio. Paris and Rio. It’s a winning combo already. Well, they wanted to bring some of the Brazilian vibrance (that we all wish we had) back with them, and figure out a way to wear a bunch of their beloved bracelets to the beach at once. So, the Hipanema cuff, with it’s magnetic clasp that brings together, shells, beads, multicolred threads, and a bunch of brazilian inspired bling in to one, was born.

It’s officially the “I want to wear a ton of bracelets at once, but don’t want to take the time to put 12 different ones on, yet I still want it to look somewhat coordinated with 12 bracelets on, and I don’t want them to fray or fall off” problem solver.

Merci Beaucoup ladies. These are brilliant.

Obrigada too. 

Stock up on cuffs aqui and aqui

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