Well these turned out to be

Well these turned out to be rather lovely. Hoa Kai and I teamed up for another Turkish towel, and if big, juicy tropical flowers are your jam, chances are you might be a fan.

The print is based on this painting I did a while ago, ( if you don’t recognize the quote, please go watch Secret Life of Walter Mitty, now.) …and really, it just feels oh so lovely to be wrapped up in a watercolor. Talk about an instant day brightener.

They’re limited edition, so get one while you can. 

Hoa Kai X Goldfish Kiss “Beautiful Things” Turkish Towel – Available at hoakaisurf.com 

Pairs nicely with Mother jeans Ankle Frays + Lack Of Color Rancher hat too. Kinda looks like a tropical print poncho. Fun times. 


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