Views From The Pier

So we recently moved up the road to Gulf Breeze, Florida. This means a new closest beach, and a new pier to walk. I think the Pensacola beach pier might be not quite as famous for fishing and is shorter than the Navarre one. But hey, I’ll take these views any day. Especially when the water is freakishly clear.

We love walking (I mean running, I’m with a 3 year old), looking at fish, talking to the fisherman, and I don’t know, this time of year there’s hardly anyone out, so it’s a pretty darn peaceful experience.

So, hope you enjoy the wannabe drone shots. I think they tend to turn out rather lovely. Especially this one with a little ghost cab playing peek a bo. 

Did I mention the water can get freakishly clear?

Gotta love the views from the pier. Wherever that pier might be…

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