Gifts. Give these.


Alright folks. Here’s my annual attempt at narrowing down all the awesomeness that’s out there into a few fun items that you can give. There’s so much, I’ll probably find like thirty other things by the end of the day, but figured I’d get this post up before companies shipping deadlines approach. 

Enjoy. There’s quite a bit of radness waiting to be gifted…

*I also pinned all of these items onto my Great Gifts pinboard. Gold star for me for making this somewhat easy to shop this year.

Left to right top to bottom:

The Beach People Roundies – These are on my gift guides every year. Because I think they make awesome gifts. They are high quality, soft, gorgeous round beach towels, but they also make a great makeshift area rug, blanket, and backdrop in instagam pics. Great for – Anyone who likes anything boho or beachy. (they are also giving you a free leather carrying case with purchase. Sweet.)

The Goldfish Kiss X Island Company Quit your job tank (also in Azul). – It’s back in stock, and is a better gift to give than ever. The guy tees are great for dudes too. Great for – any person who hates their job and wishes thy lived somewhere tropical. 

IT cosmetics for Ulta All that Glitters Brush set – I love IT cosmetics, and their brushes have changed my life, in terms of makeup application, for the better. Great for – A person who loves makeup, yet you don’t want to buy them makeup. 

Kopari Holiday Kit – All of Kopari’s coconut oil radness packaged in a fun travel sized set. Great for – A person who loves anything tropical, and goes loco for the coco. 

Pineapple measuring cups – Because these are the coolest measuring cups ever, and make me want to bake and cook as much as possible. Great for – anyone with a kitchen. 

Origins Feel Good Candle – It’s a 100% soy candle in a repurposed wine bottle. Plus Origins plants a tree whenever a Feel Good candle is purchase. Smells great. Helps the planet. High five. Great for – Your green friend or a person with a perpetually great smelling home 

Leather crossbody iphone case bag – It’s cute little phone case with a credit card holder that’s also a little messenger bag. Brilliant. Great for – Your friend who is looking at/or trying to find their phone 24/7. 

Kate Davis Estrella Paua Crescent necklace – Because I think this little thing is stunning, it reminds me of deep ocean blues, and well, Kate rocks. Feel free to pick up something from our collab too.  Great for – The water loving person you’d splurge on a jewelry gift for. 

Sweater undies – Yes, those are soft knit, ugly sweater underwear. And I think they are amazing. Great for – A stocking stuffer. 

Cuddle + Kind hand knit dolls – These are just the cutest, softest things ever. If you know anyone with a kiddo, I think they are amazing. Plus, they help out a great cause. Great for – Anyone with a little one who likes to snuggle with soft things.

Faux Fur Beanie – I might’ve splurged on this. Because I think it’s that cool, and love wearing beanies a lot in lieu of dong my hair. Which hopefully means someone else would squeal with joy upon receiving it too. Great for – Someone with an inner jetsetter/Bardot that needs to be released. 

Mermaid Tail snuggle blanket – These things are hilarious. They were practically made to be on this gift guide, and for making cold winter times feel a bit more tropical. Great for – That friend who is obsessed with being a mermaid and watching netflix.

Retro Hawaii prints – Artist Nick Kuchar’s retro artwoirk is amazing. I saw it in a few shops last time I was in Hawaii and am kicking myself for not picking up a few prints. Great for – Anyone who is missing Hawaii. 

Speaking of art … 

Prints from my shop – Shameless self promotion time. Sorry. I think they are pretty cool though. Great for – Anyone who likes bright fun tropical watercolors. Or this blog. 

Glitter Chucks – Because these are awesome. Embellished Converse in any shape or form are quite amazing. Great for – Anyone obsessed with sneakers, or glitter. Or the gal who has everything.

COFFEE BOXX Portable coffee maker – Imagine sitting on a chilly beach, on a boat, at a bonfire, camping, etc, and just brewing a hot cup of coffee. It’s basically a portable Keurig maker. It’s amazing. And is my “Great for the dude in your life” item. Great for – The dude in your life. Any dude really. Ok any coffee addict as well.

Here’s the sweater on the list – It looks like a vintage retro sunrise poster or something. If a sweater could make me cry, it’d be this one. Great for – Someone who would appreciate a cool sweater.

And finally..

A teepee for your pup. Because pups need teepees too. I think mine would hoard all her tennis balls in it, and be in heaven. Great For – The pup on your life, or person who is obsessed with their four legged best friend.

There you go. 

Enjoy your giving. ‘Tis the season for it. 

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