The quad pony twist.


So I tried out and gave the seal or approval to another messy do for my lob that’s 1: easy, and 2: makes me look like I have way more hair than I really do, 3: makes me look like I’m way better at doing hair than I really am, 4: gives you that “I boycotted my formal party and slept on the beach all night and now my hair looks totally fantastic” vibe, and 4: stayed put all day. 

So, of course I had to share. I didn’t want to just name it “Another messy updo for my lob” which it is. So I shall call it, the quad pony twist.

Now, instructions.

*Will make a video soon, because really this is easy. And I shall prove it to you all in video form.

• Give hair a little grit with some dry shampoo, surf spray, or whatever else floats your boat. 

• Divide hair into four equal sections, and put it into four ponytails that are about ¾ of the way down your head (so a little higher than a regular low pony). I highly recommend using the little clear ouchless rubber bands, they work wonders on this kind of stuff.

• Pull hair through one more time on each ponytail, but don’t pull it all the way through, so it makes a loop with the ends sticking up.

• Now, take each looped pony, and make it a twist. AKA – pull it apart, and pull the looped pony through from the front to back.

• Your hair will kind of look like crap now. Don’t be alarmed.

• Now, go into each twisted looped ponytail and loosen it up. Pull it apart, try to tighten the pony tail, then pull the hair out. This creates faux fullness, makes it look better, and is where the little clear rubber bands work their magic. If you think you’ve messed it up enough, go back in and loosen it some more. 

• I have lob length hair so I just tucked in the ends that were sticking out. If a ton of ends are sticking out, just tuck them in and pin them. Or leave them out. Looks cool either way.

• Pull a few sections out to frame your face. And you’re done.


Oh yeah, looks really rad with a floppy hat too.


High five for another messy do that has that “I slept in my fancy prom hair overnight at the beach, and now it looks awesome, vibe. Which is always fun to have in the to add to the lineup. 

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